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Safety Council Texas City
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History and Mission

SCTC_Building212x100SCTC was chartered as a non-profit corporation on June 25, 1987 and was funded by the six major industries on March 1, 1988.

The SCTC Board of Directors (BOD) and the SCTC executive management staff revised the goals, objectives and mission statement of the organization during the 2007-2008 fiscal year. The new mission statement has been established by core values, which will produce an envisioned future for SCTC and its subscribers:

The Safety Council of Texas City (SCTC) is established as a non-profit corporation and is driven by the requests of owner and contractor subscribers. The products and services of SCTC are designed to provide value to the entities it serves.

The Mission of SCTC is:

To advance the Safety, Health and Security of Workers in the Communities We Serve.

Core Values:

01Leadership - SCTC provides visionary leadership, identifies emerging trends
and keeps owners and subscribers informed.

02Quality and Value to Customers - SCTC is committed to excellence in all products,
services and endeavours.

03Responsibility and Accountability - SCTC ensures credible use of resources through
collaboration and respect for diverse views.

04Respect and Openness - SCTC establishes trust with our customers and provides for
respectful interactions and communications within our organization.


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