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Safety Council Texas City
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New Programs and Courses


SCTC looks forward to working with you on your request for a new course or updates on your existing course.

Here is an overview of this high-level process:

• Please click here to download and then complete the form.
• Once SCTC receives the request and completed form, SCTC conducts a Discovery session to clarify the size, scope, and complexity of the project.
• Once the Discovery session is completed with SCTC, a SOW (statement of work) is created with a specific project plan along with any applicable fees.
• Once SCTC has obtained approval from the client, the SCTC team proceeds with creating the new Course or completing the changes and updates.
• We estimate 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the changes AFTER SCTC has received a signed SOW.
• Please email the completed form to krobison@csctc.org. Kim Robison will reach out to you for next steps.


New Programs and Courses include:

Starting August 1st, 2019, the DOW "It's All About You" training will be offered only at HASC.  Contact HASC for further details on class dates/times and availability.


Additional Programs and Courses offered:

 ClickSafety Courses

 DOW Chemical

 Pipeline OQ Courses

 Protect Watch Program


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