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Safety Council Texas City
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New Programs and Courses

learning-puzzleAs part of the Innovation process at SCTC, new programs and courses through expanding partnerships are added on a regular basis. These programs and courses will be highlighted and outlined in this section. This area will also include an overview of some of the Pilot programs currently in motion. In many cases there will be a call for participation in the pilot process for new products and services. If you are interested in participating in a pilot, please contact us at (409) 948-9009 or email marketing@csctc.org.


New Programs and Courses include:

The DOW "It's All About You" training is offered at SCTC on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00 AM.


Additional Programs and Courses offered:

 ClickSafety Courses

 DOW Chemical

 Pipeline OQ Courses

 Protect Watch Program

 UTA OSHA Courses 

 ZII Courses


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