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Safety Council Texas City
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BP Texas City Chemicals Hair Testing Program Compliance

BP Texas City Chemical uses the Petrochemical & Refinery Vendor-Employer-Compliance Testing Organization (VECTOR) to verify their Hair Test requirement. This will be checked daily at the security gates and violators will be reported to contract compliance and denied access.

VECTOR Services will generate Random test selections and will provide BP Texas City Chemicals with random compliance monitoring reports, so that the Contractor will not have to.

At BP Chemicals request, there are a few ongoing requirements that must be met by the company:

-The Contractor Company will need to Activate the Employee (a mouse click) within VECTOR Services before the individual will be cleared by the Safety Council of Texas City

-Before a non-negative test result is released into the VECTOR pool, it must be reviewed and released by a qualified MRO. To achieve this, the Contractor Company MRO will be required to use VECTOR Integrated MRO Services to release results. Psychemedics will contact the MRO of choice to provide them free access to this service.

-The Contractor Company may choose any Third Party Drug Screen Collection Facility to assist them with managing their drug testing collections as needed, provided they agreen to comply on the Contractors behalf with the Policy requirements of BP, which includes use of the VECTOR program.

To begin the process, go online to www.VectorServices.net, click Contractors and then click Sign Me Up.

If you have any questions about these policy requirements, please contact the following:

Kevin Jannasch


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